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School Improvement

At Dollis Junior School we are always looking to improve the way we do things so that it improves the outcomes for the children.

This section of the website contains some of the current School Improvement documents which are revised and updated on a regular basis.

The school also has a number of School Improvement Plans.

These plans focus on improving the outcomes for children in terms of:

1) Attainment (Levels reached by the children measured by assessments)
2) Progress (How much their learning has moved forward over time).
3) Different areas of the curriculum such as reading, writing and maths and other subjects
4) Financial matters of the school
5) The maintenance of the building and other whole school resources
6) Health and Safety matters

Glossary of terms: SEN (Special Educational Needs), School Action (SEN pupils supported within class), School Action Plus (SEN pupils supported with advice from an outside agency or specialist teacher), Statemented (SEN pupils who have enhanced additional support), FSM (Pupils entitled to Free School Meals), EAL (Pupils with English as an Additional Language), LAC (Looked After Child, in the care of the local authority), PP (Pupil Premium pupils. Those who have been entitled to Free School Meals at any time in the last 6 years).